How do I buy new services through the control panel?

When you are set up with an account with us, we provide complete on-line billing services.  We maintain an account for you on our systems.  

We assign credit to our customers to allow upgrading and purchasing of services.  In order to make a purchase of additional services or domain names through the control panel, you must ensure you have uploaded funds to your control panel account to cover the cost of the service you wish to purchase.  This can be done by making a payment to us for services.

You can add funds to your account in BILLING > BILLING PROFILE,  depending on your payment methods and transaction gateway.  The concept is simple, if you do not have the credit, you cannot purchase services.  This is extremely critical when adding or purchasing new domain names as the transactions are done in real time and non-refundable.  Please contact us if you have issues with increasing your credit limits and account status.