Adding New MS SQL Database users

After you have created the database, it appears in the database list:



Here you can learn how to add users to individual MS SQL databases.

To add a new user, do the following:



Click MS SQL Server on your control panel home page.


On the page that appears, click the name of existing database or click the Edit icon in the Controls section. The following form will show:




At the bottom of the page click Add icon against the Database users field. The following form will appear:  




Enter user name and click Add.

* When you are creating a new user to the database, the system offers you to choose from the logins that are not used by this database.

It will not display this database owner's login, because when MS SQL creates a database, it automatically creates a user with the same *login* as the one this database was created with. One login can only be used only by one user within a database. If the login you have used to enter the database is already being used by you, it can not be used to create a new user on this database.


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