Why do I need to change my domain name information?

In order for users to be able to find your web site and features, you will need transfer where you domain name points.  You need to tell the general public data base of Internet users and servers where they can find your web site files should they type in your domain name.

This is handled through changing your DNS (Domain Name Server) information.  This is sometimes also referred to as Name Servers as well.  We run our own Name Servers which tell the Internet where your information can be found once they type in your address or link.

On the initial e-mail you received, it was indicated which name servers you need to point your domain name to.  You can do this by either logging into the control panel of the domain name provider where you purchased the domain name, or have them enter the information manually for you.

Click here to see our DNS Information to put in the record to repoint your domain name to our servers