Domain Information

The domain information tools give you many options.  You may have some features active or not dependent on the plan you have chosen.  If you would like to upgrade your plan, you can do so through the main QUICK ACCESS screen you receive when you first login.

You can access the domain settings from the left control panel under DOMAIN SETTINGS.

The main screen provides you with all of the information you need.

If your plan allows, you can create subdomains to your domain. A subdomain is a lower level domain. The number of subdomains you can create depends on the plan. Domains and subdomains have equal functional capabilities, including web site management, e-mail service, FTP, etc. Subdomains do not have their own DNS zones. To create or add a subdomain to your domain, click the Add icon. For example, if your domain name is, entering mysubdomain will make your full subdomain name look like To view or change your subdomain settings, click either the corresponding subdomain name link or the Edit icon. To view the site, click the View icon. To delete a subdomain, click the Trash Can icon.

This is your domain name's numeric address at which it is accessible from the Internet. Your domain name can have either:

Shared IP - one IP address is assigned to several domains and access to a site is available only by its domain name. Shared IP is used by more than one virtual hosts. This approach is known as name-based Virtual Host Support, as opposed to the traditional IP-based Virtual Host approach, and is used to avoid assigning a dedicated IP address to every virtual host, which is hard to implement on some servers .Shared IP does not allow to create FTP Virtual Hosts.

Dedicated IP - one IP address is assigned to one domain name. To access a site you can use either its IP address or its domain name. Dedicated IP is a paid service and is required to create Virtual FTP Server and uses SSL on your web server. If you switch back from Dedicated IP to Shared IP, any your FTP and SSL resources will be removed.

By default every domain has a Shared IP. You can change the type of IP at any time as you work with the system. To change the type of the IP, click the Change to Shared/Dedicated IP link in the Edit Domain page.

The name servers are the controls for your domain name.  When you transferred your domain name you put in our DNS  (Domain Name Servers) to point your domain.  We then set up the corresponding record in our server to receive requests from any user for your domain name.  Name servers everywhere communicate with the main WHOIS database of domain name records to point users to the proper servers.  We then populate where a user should go when they are looking for your domain name.  We point the user to your default web folder.  This all happens in a split second.


This DNS configuration allows you to separate the specific pointing of your domain name.  The domain name elements or functions are actually split into three areas.  In this feature, mainly for advanced users, you can redirect your e-mail to run off of servers other than our network, or your web site etc. to run separate from your e-mail servers.

Click the Edit icon to configure your mail resources' settings. By clicking the On/Off button you can enable or disable mail resources. Warning: disabling mail service will permanently remove all your server settings. After that, you will have to configure them from scratch.  This feature is the same as editing your e-mail settings from the E-mail/Mail Info feature.

Web Service is the same as editing your site through the WEB OPTIONS features.

Each domain name can have aliases - secondary names that refer to the primary i. e. original domain. For instance if your web site is called, you can have an alias point to

Click the Add icon to add a new alias to the domain name.

Click either the alias name link or the Edit icon to view/change your alias settings.

Depending on your plan and options, you can purchase or transfer domain names right from inside your control panel.  When selected you will see the options as listed below.  Please remember, you need to have a credit limit that exceeds the cost of the service you are purchasing to move forward.  You can upload the funds through the Billing options or request by calling the office personally.