How Do Domain Names Work?

When you register a Domain Name, you are actually reserving a name that is easy to remember that points to the location on the Web called an IP. Internet Registry services manage these domain names so that others can access your web page by entering your domain name. Usually these point to web hosting services or web hosting servers who then send the desired web page to your viewers. When you park a domain, you are simply reserving the name for a later date when you plan to activate your web page.


Do I Own My Domain Name?

When you purchase a domain name you pay for the right to use the specific name for a certain period of time.  This is not an indefinite period, you must maintain the yearly subscription and usage fees to retain these rights.


You may hear the terms TLD or sub-domains.  TLD means Top Level Domain, which refers to the general extensions such as the .com, .net, .info, .gov and .org. standards. Other extensions are normally country specific and have a two digit identifiers such as .ca, .uk, .za.

Sub domains
refer to names such as or where you wish to have an additional name within your domain.