Redirecting Files or Folders in your Web Site - Windows accounts

With this feature you can redirect visitors from one URL to another. When an Internet user tries to connect to a URL that is redirected, he is taken to the address this URL is mapped to.

This is accessed through the main control panel "Quick Start" area.  There is a main menu or icon option in this area.




1. Select the Redirect icon


This provides a list of domains under your account.  Select the "ADD" icon.

2.  You can then enter you domain name information and redirect features of the specific file or folder from your web site.


  • The exact URL entered above redirects requests for any files in the indicated directory to one file. For example, to redirect all requests for products.html file to the following URL: '', enter in the To field and select this option.

    You can redirect requests to URLs with parameters, for example
    you can redirect requests for files and directories both to your own site and to any other external URL.

  • A directory below this one redirects a parent directory to a child directory.

    - For example, to redirect your '' directory to a subdirectory named 'news', enter '' in the 'to' text box and select this option. Without this option, the Web server will continually map the parent to itself.

  • A permanent redirection for this resource sends the following message to the client: '301 Permanent Redirect'. Redirects are considered temporary, and the client browser receives the following message: '302 Temporary Redirect'. Some browsers can use the '301 Permanent Redirect' message as the signal to permanently change a URL, such as a bookmark.