Navigation Details For E-mail

Click the Mail Info menu to manage your account mail services from the Mail controls page:


Mail domains: a mail domain whose mail resources you can manage and view on the mail domain controls page. To manage mail resources on your other domains, choose it from the drop-down list and click the Go button next to the drop-down list. Your first domain name will always be the default.  This is made this way so you can have multiple domain names from one central login on our system.

Incoming POP3 Server and Outgoing (SMTP) Server: servers to deliver mail from and to your mail resources.  Your local system needs to know where to go to get and send e-mail messages. POP stands for Post-Office Protocol  which is industry standard specifications.

Login: login to sign into your mailbox or change its password from outside your control panel.

Mail traffic: traffic run up by incoming and outgoing mail on the mail domain it is displayed for. This also includes traffic generated by incoming spam or virus messages the system deletes.

Mail relay: switch the option on to ensure incoming mail is kept on the mail relay server, if your primary mail server goes down.

AntiSpam preferences: configure AntiSpam preferences for a mail domain if AntiSpam is enabled in your account.

Mail domain aliases: aliases of your mail domain.

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