Setting up your e-mail client to accept e-mail from your domain name


Depending on your client type, there are several pieces of information that you must supply.  All of the necessary information can be found in your control panel under MAIL INFO.



Since we allow different looks or "skins" to be used, you may see one of these two examples as your interface.  If not, you will always have the same text links to get you around these help files.  The image on the left matches the first image below and the second image references the Xpressia view.




If you are using the Xpressia view, you will see this.  Please click here to learn more about setting un e-mail in the Xpressia view.



Your e-mail client will require:

1. User name
2. Password
3. Incoming e-mail or mail server and
4. Outgoing mail server.

The user name is always the USER'S FULL e-mail address and not just the prefix or account name.
i.e rather than just JohnSmith 


Other e-mail settings:


Incoming Server (POP3) port number = 110


Outgoing Server (SMTP) port number = 25


When using "Your outgoing mail server requires authentication" use the same settings as the incoming mail server.