The WebMail feature gives you the ability to access your e-mail account through a browser.  When a standard e-mail account is setup, the user automatically has access to the same account via WebMail.

There are two ways to access WebMail.



You can access the WebMail login through your control panel by selecting the WebMail icon.  You can also get there through clicking into the E-MAIL icon in the control panel, and then in the specific email account detail, you simply select the image (click to see an example of this) to take you to the interface as seen below or automatically log you into Webmail.





You will then be presented with a the WebMail login screen.





The Username is the FULL e-mail address of the person.  The password is the password associated with the same e-mail address.  You will need to select the server as directed by the support team, if options exist in the pull-down list.


The second way to access the WebMail login interface is by going to the url:  http://webmail.yourcompany.com or  http://webmail.yourhostingprovider.com

At this address you should receive the same login page as shown above, or below.  Depending on your account, there will be one or two options in this area.  There are two interfaces to choose from, both will get you to your Webmail. Please feel free to try both as you may like to take advantage of some of their features.

  If you have a system at home or another location that constantly pulls down your e-mail to a different local client computer on a regular basis, you will not see these messages in Webmail, unless saved on the server.  You can change these settings in your e-mail client software.