Troubleshooting CGI and Web Options


There are a few things you should do to check and reset properties in the control panel to help you with CGI and running scripts.




Make sure in WEB OPTIONS you do not require "changes" that you have made, applied to your service.  You will see the link and option as shown here:



You will need to select the "APPLY" link to initialize your changes to the server for your account so there control panels shows like this:.



You can see how the "Changes need to be applied" now shows "OK" after you select the apply link.




To reset the cgi scripts you install, you can turn them off or on in each detailed view.  You can also select to "Restore to default" for all scripts.  This can be used if you are having difficulty with your scripts or feel the necessary information was not automatically populated for you when the script was installed from the server side.  Again this feature is in "WEB OPTIONS".





With Formmail, if you receive an error message that has been formatted in a browser view, it is probably a direct error from the script itself.  Please view the readme files or documents from the provider.  For Formmail, please see  Please be advised that we do not provide training or support of CGI or custom scripts within our normal support procedures.  Should you require customized support or scripting, please contact our sales department.