How to add and FTP user

FTP User setup


By default, we automatically setup an FTP user when you first signed up for an account.  You can find this information in the  FTP MANAGER area.




To add a new FTP account select the icon with the green arrow




You can now add a user.

1. Select a login name
2. State the path of the directory you want this user to access.  Use the "/local/home/" as the default, your main account folder and then the sub-folder or beyond.  i.e.  /local/home/wwwyour/
3. Select a password.
4. Confirm the password

Please use upper and lower case with numbers or unique characters for passwords.  If the user name is too long, the system will automatically shorten the user name.



To delete the FTP user, select the trash can icon when you go into the FTP Manager