Initial E-mail Receipt

When you first signed up for an account, the system sent you an e-mail confirmation.  The e-mail contains all of the necessary information to access and publish to your web folder, as well as control panel access information.

You selected your username and password, which gives you access to your control panel from our main site.  The username and password are mainly used for control panel access only.  Most other areas or features require you to enter a username that resembles a full e-mail address.  This is the case for tools such as e-mail and WebMail where the full username is the entire e-mail address of the individual.

The initial welcome e-mail provides you:

1. Payment details if action is required
2. Your hostname to publish web or site information
3. Control panel login and password
4. FTP login and password
5. A temporary url where you can view your site

When you purchase or transfer a domain name, the changes/additions have to propagate through the network of Internet Name Servers.  This normally takes 24-96 hours depending on the ISP.  The only way to check when this has happened through your connection, is to type in your domain name to see the page you receive.    We provide a default site index.html page in your folder which you eventually overwrite.  This temporary index page also has a login prompt similar to using the main site to access your control panel.  Once you publish your site and overwrite this page, you can login to the control panel from our main site.