Is Your Domain Name Working?

You will not be able to receive e-mail at your domain or see your web site when you key the address into your favorite browser until the registration is fully processed.  This can take from 24-72 hours.  The best way to check if this has happened is by entering your domain name in a browser to see where it resolves.  If you see the default login page, or temporary home page we automatically assign, you know it is active.

You either purchased your domain name new or transferred the settings.  You have ultimately pointed your domain name to resolve at our Domain Name Servers (DNS).  This information propagates through the Internet so when someone requests to go to your web site, the servers on the Internet know where to send the request.  When our DNS receives the request, it knows to send the request to the right folder on our server(s).

While you wait for the DNS changes to be applied, we provide you the means to upload or access your website with a temporary domain name until your domain registration is processed.  This temporary domain address is provided in your welcome e-mail and can also be viewed through the control panel in WEB OPTIONS.  This way you can upload files to your folders, setup e-mail etc in advance of your domain name resolving to our servers.

To confirm that your domain is active and DNS settings are correct, access your domain name in a web browser as you would any other website. If you see the "Your account has been created" message, your domain is pointed to our servers and is ready for use.