How do I manually add subscribers to a mailing list?

Step 1: Login to your Email Manager.

 Click on the Email icon in your Control Panel.  Or choose the Mail Info link in the menu.


Step 2: Choose the Domain.

 Choose the domain that you wish to work with and click Go.


Step 3: Select the Mailing list.

 Click on the List icon next to the name of the Mailing list.


Step 4: Add subscribers to the Mailing list.

 Click on the Add icon next to the Subscribers in the Mailing list properties section of the mail resource.


Step 5: Enter a new Subscriber.

 If you have clicked Add icon, the following form will appear:


1. Enter the e-mail address of the subscriber in the edit box.
2. Click on the
Submit button.
3. Click on link on the top of the form to get back to the Mail Info page.