Settings for osCommerce

Once installed, click the osCommerce icon in the "quick access" menu. You should see this menu:

  This operation restores corrupted osCommerce templates and updates the osCommerce config file to use the current hosting settings.

 Upgrades osCommerce to the latest version.

  A direct link to your online store.

 A direct link to your password-protected Admin section to setup and configure your cart.


Click on  .  The first thing you'll notice is the warning message at the top of the screen:

"Warning: Installation directory exists at: /hsphere/local/home/user/ Please remove this directory for security reasons."  
This message will occur if you did not remove the INSTALL folder as directed on the previous page

To get rid of this warning message you must delete the entire "install" folder inside your "catalog" directory. You can delete this using any FTP client, the WebShell utility or the osCommerce admin section (contains a file management tool).