Publishing with Front Page

Step 1: Start FrontPage.

Click on the Microsoft FrontPage icon on your Desktop.  
Or choose the Microsoft FrontPage from the start menu.



Step 2: Open your web.

 Click on the Open folder icon and choose Open Web.

Or click Open Web on the File menu.



Step 3: Choose to publish web.

 On the File menu, click Publish Web.



Step 4: Publish your web.

 If you have selected Publish web, the following form will appear:


1. In the Publish Web dialog box, type the path of the destination Web server. (check your opening welcome email for the HOST name or check in your "Web Options" area for the host name to publish to for your account).
2. Check radio button to specify whether you want to publish only pages that have changed or all pages.
3. Check 'check boxes' to specify whether you want to include subwebs or if secure connection is required.
4. Click Publish button.