SSL Support

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) is a standard for transmitting confidential data such as credit card numbers over the Internet. Most true business sites support this feature, as it allows more security in transmitting data over the WWW. This is the standard minimum safe security level for true business on the Internet. SSL works by using a private key to encrypt data that is transferred over the SSL connection.

SSL is a protocol by which a client (web browser) and server (Apache, for example) can communicate with one another securely, using encrypted messages. Anyone intercepting the message will receive only scrambled text and symbols, since the messages are encoded with the public keys of the conversants, but must be decrypted with their private keys, which are not distributed.

The security it provides is three-fold. Firstly, the data is encrypted - which basically means that the information is jumbled up so that it can't be read by the wrong people. Secondly, SSL provides server authentication - that is, it ensures that the server you're communicating with is who they say they are. Finally, SSL provides data integrity, which ensures that a third party can't modify the data along its journey.

Because of the way SSL works, you can't use SSL on shared IP. There are no configuration tricks that you can do to make this work. Most shared hosting is done on shared IPs, which can be determined by looking in your control panel.

To enable SSL for your domain, you have to switch to a dedicated IP which we can set up for you.  Depending on the certificate, prices can range with us from $99.00 to $999.00 dependant on the license type.

With SSL Support ON, you are charged for the private secure certificate that you receive.

If you wish to have it activated you can select the option in WEB OPTIONS and then the SSL SUPPORT  button.  Select the "OFF" button to turn to the "ON" state.  You will then receive a message such as this:


This will only be active if you plan supports the installation and maintenance of SSL.

The cost is provided immediately to help you make a quicker decision.  Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation and details about the certificate and how to obtain one.

The other option is to share one certificate offered through us.