Building a Website

When you look at the three main components of a web site  1) Domain Name  2) Web Hosting Account  and, 3) Website content, we help to automate as much as possible.

Once you have set up the domain name and web hosting account you are ready to build or publish a web site.  You will need some form of web editor that can help you build your website (some web editors also provide publishing tools to FTP your pages to your web folder or hosting account).  For web editing you should also use image editors which will help you design the appropriate look and feel to your website.

Web editors give you the ability to create your website without knowing HTML, the code behind many web sites. Image editors give you the ability to create, design and manipulate graphics for your web site.

Recommended  Web editors

1. SiteStudio  is built into your web hosting system to offer a web-based template driven tool.(check your plan configuration)

2 . Macromedia Dreamweaver (30 day trial)

3.   Microsoft FrontPage

Recommended Image editors

1. Macromedia Fireworks

2. Photoshop

3. Adobe Go Live

Please contact us for a web design quotation if required.